ANGLO + General English

(Ages: 10 -18)

NEW Course resources

We are very excited to announce our collaboration with National Geographic Learning (a part of Cengage Learning) for 2021. 

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Our Learning structure

Topic-based learning with a focus on new language acquisition and improving communication

Part 1: Classroom learning

Teaching sessions are 3.5 hours and consist of 3 lessons:
Lesson 1 – 70 minutes (Topic – based skills focus)
Lesson 2 – 70 minutes (Topic – based skills focus)
Lesson 3 – 70 minutes (Student’s choice project and presentation and/or targeted Trinity exam preparation)

All lessons have integrated preparation for Trinity GESE and use stimulating National Geographic coursebook materials

Part 2: Out of the classroom learning

Two workshops a week outside the classroom to give students the opportunity to use English and learn about British culture.

Part 3: Half and Full day excursions tailored to centre locations

Anglo + Course Aims and Objectives

Our aim is to provide an educational package that our students will look back on with positive memories

Lessons are communicative, task and skills-based, with a high level of student involvement

We use stimulating and contemporary materials which appeal to a variety of learning styles

Students get involved with local customs and culture and develop their knowledge in project based sessions

We listen to our students needs include their requests in our lessons

We promote the UK

We help students to become more independent learners