Anglo Course Outcomes

By the end of the course:

  • Students will have studied English in a safe, engaging and educational environment.
  • Students will have learnt about a wide range of topics which are interesting and relevant to them.
  • Students will have acquired and practised new vocabulary and developed their English language skills.
  • Students will have practised exam-type tasks in preparation for taking English exams.
  • Students will have developed strategies for becoming independent learners.
  • Students will understand more about English-speaking cultures.
  • Students will have made friends from other countries.

“We had the use of some great sports pitches which were brilliant. The volleyball and tennis courts were also great. Could not knock the amount of facilities we had. We also had a great social space which was perfect for discos and stuff” 

Exeter – Louise

“Thanks for the opportunity, would love to do it again”

Keele – Thomas

“I enjoyed my time at Keele a lot mainly due to having good fellow staff and bonding well with the students” 

Keele – Jack

“I think it was really good and sociable. Although tiring at times, being an activity leader is fun and I’ve enjoyed meeting people from various backgrounds. It was also rewarding to see the students speak English more and more, and sometimes even between themselves” 

Bognor – Laura

“I enjoyed working in this team. Days are never the same, you must be creative and quick. It’s really fun” 

Edinburgh – Katie

“The job of an English Language Teacher at Anglo Ltd was something I found enjoyable, and is something that I want to make a successful career out of, and working at Uxbridge had provided me with the necessary practical experience I so yearned for” 

Uxbridge – Jibran

“Anglo Plus was a great idea for creating authentic situations for students to use the English they learn in the classroom”

Exeter – David

"I would definitely like to work for Anglo again. It was such an enjoyable and happy experience, including the challenge of having to think on my feet!” 

Exeter – Siobhan

“If I were to rate it on a 0-10 scale, I would give it a 10. I enjoyed the students, college facility, and the other staff members on the team of teachers.” 

Uxbridge – Marie

“The working days are long, but it’s been a great experience with a good staff team” 

Edinburgh – Emily

“It has been great exposure, great experience, and a life changing teaching experience overall. It has been a job that I never thought I would be able to do or experience” 

William Patterson – Brandon

“Excellent feedback from all group leaders and students regarding Holyrood house, Edinburgh castle & Carlton Hill” 

Edinburgh – Scott

“The campus staff were extremely helpful and accommodating. The centre was good, especially the sports facilities” 

Exeter – Thomas

“The campus offers modern ensuite rooms with private bathrooms and common kitchens per flat. It is located only 5 mins walking distance to the town centre” 

Canterbury – Silvia