Junior Summer Programmes UK (10-18 years old)



Anglo Course Outcomes

We know that everyone learns in different ways and we developed our courses to reflect this. Bringing together classroom learning and practical learning in an international setting, students on ANGLO programmes are focused in three key areas: language, experience and culture.

Learn through language: Students will…

  • enhance their ability to express ideas, opinions, and feelings in English through various communicative activities and interactions during trips and lessons
  • acquire new vocabulary related to cultural experiences encountered during the trips
  • improve listening comprehension skills through exposure to native speakers and diverse accents during trips
  • gain a deeper understanding of cultural nuances and develop the ability to communicate respectfully in a cross-cultural context
  • engage with authentic materials related to the destinations visited, such as brochures, signs, and informational texts, to improve their reading comprehension

Learn through experience: Students will…

  • develop the confidence and skills to navigate and explore new environments independently during organised trips
  • immerse themselves in the local culture, gaining a firsthand understanding of customs, traditions, and daily life through participation in cultural activities
  • engage in collaborative tasks and team-building activities, fostering cooperation and interpersonal skills
  • encounter real-life situations that require problem-solving and adaptability, promoting resilience and resourcefulness
  • experience success in using English for practical purposes, such as ordering food or asking for directions, boosting students’ confidence in their language abilities
  • critically analyse and discuss their cultural experiences through guided reflection sessions, connecting them to broader language learning objectives
  • plan and present a project
  • complete four stand-alone workshops on aspects of UK culture

Learn through culture: Students will…

  • develop the ability to communicate effectively with individuals from different cultural and language backgrounds, fostering intercultural competence.
  • gain a sense of global citizenship by recognizing the interconnectedness of cultures and the importance of cross-cultural understanding.
  • encounter diverse cultures during trips which will cultivate an appreciation for cultural diversity and promote open-mindedness