Our London-Uxbridge Centre is based at Brunel University. Uxbridge is well serviced with shops, cafes and restaurants and is just 45 minutes by Tube from Piccadilly Circus and the most popular tourist attractions in London. The campus has modern facilities all within easy walking distance of each other.

  • Single en-suite and standard study bedrooms
  • Large indoor sports centre
  • AV-enabled classrooms
  • Card or coin-operated laund
  • Free WiFi Internet access
  • CCTV surveillance
  • 24/7 security

Full-day excursions may include London, Oxford and Brighton

Daily half-day trips into London including:

Westminster, British Museum and Covent Garden, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, Olympic Park, Harry Potter sights walking tour, Camden, Greenwich Observatory, Natural History and Science, Museums, Buckingham Palace + St James’s, Tate Modern + Southbank, London Bridges, London by night + dinner out.


  • London Eye
  • Shakespeare’s Globe
  • Ancelormittel Orbit
  • Brighton Royal Pavilion
  • Christ Church College in Oxford


  • 17.5 hours tuition per full week
  • Personal copy of QSE course book
  • Online placement test – Students assigned to their levels and groups before arrival


• 80 mins – QSE Course
• 80 mins – QSE Course
• 50 mins – Project Work

ANGLO+ out of class learning sessions: ( Sample):

Session 1 – Local visits – students interact with English speakers to learn about local life and culture
Session 2 – Public debate and speaking – students discuss current topics with guest speakers
Session 3 – University life – students interview university staff and produce a promotional video
Session 4 – British heritage workshops – students research and present one of local traditions

In total 4 Sessions of 3.5 hours each led by a team of 1 teacher and 1 activity leader


To increase students knowledge of life and culture in the UK and Ireland, through use of English Language

Sample activity in Uxbridge centre:

DEBATE AND PUBLIC SPEAKING – Live debate – Meet with the Anglo team to debate a recent topic in the news

Our Staff are from a range of backgrounds so who else might be the best to talk to about life in the UK.

This Live Debate format gives the students a chance to really discuss topical subjects such as the presidency, or even the price of marmite.



• 80 mins – English for work:  Language Study
• 80 mins – English for work : Topic of the Day
• 50 mins – Presentation Work


Session 1 – Conferences and interactive workshops – Guests Speakers
Session 2 – Tour of local company
Session 3 – University and work experience – Volunteer projects
Session 4 – ASL Research and Blog: Interviews & Surveys

4 Sessions of 3.5 hours each led by a team of 1 teacher and 1 activity leader

ASL Course Aims:

Students will learn how to communicate confidently and effectively by using English in a variety of work situations
Students will learn how to successfully apply for jobs and make a work related phone calls
Students will learn the rules and regulations in the modern workplace
Students will practise to take Trinity SEW Examination

TRINITY SEW EXAMINATION ( not included in the standard package):

Trinity’s Spoken English for Work (SEW) exams provide a reliable and valid scheme of assessment that measures progress and development of English language use in a work context.
Exam Levels: B1, B2, B2+ and C1
The certificate states the level of pass as follows:
◗ Distinction
◗ Merit
◗ Pass